Holly Berry - Votive Candle - Single

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Holly Berry - Votive Candle - Single
Holly Berry - Votive Candle - Single
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Trinity Candle Factory Premium Scented Holly Berry Candle - Votive Candle - Single. This votive is approx. 1 3/4" x 2" and fits all standard votive holders. Premium scented for maximum fragrance throw. With a 15-20 hour burn time, cotton wick and premium scent, this candle is a great find. This Holly Berry fragrance is a perfect blend of bayberry, warm cinnamon and perfect spices. Nice and strong and great for the holidays. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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5 Stars
I’ve been an aficionado of candles for 54 years. After Vietnam, something pure, calming and appealing to mind, body and spirit was embraced and welcomed. Candles have been used since the earliest times for a reason. I found getting back to the basics was very rewarding. A massive number of brands have flowed over the colorful candle waterfall since. About 20 years ago, some candle makers began offering “triple scented” candles. I ran through a pleasurable gauntlet before selecting a winner. I discovered that the 600-pound gorillas sitting atop the mountain in the candle jungle were for the most part overly rated. This was likely due to their aggressive advertising campaigns. A small business in Morrison, Illinois captured my coins with their highly inviting aromas. Unfortunately, a few years ago they mysteriously closed. My lengthy Internet search for a new source began. Enter Trinity Candle Factory. Their name caught my attention. After placing my first order of Holly Berry votives, a few weeks passed. I contacted them and learned they are a small business, mother-and-daughter operation. Candles are made freshly as the orders come in. It’s like buying a suit or dress off the rack at a large department store verses having one tailor made and picking up 2 weeks later. Tons of aging candles are not stored in a warehouse waiting to be shipped. My first sample was stunningly delightful. The Holly Berry votives won me over. For old man with “limited patience,” being willing to wait 2 weeks for an order to arrive is not easy for me. I’m hoping it will be worth the wait. I immediately ordered a variety of 54 votives. I’m like a kid before Christmas waiting with eagerness and anticipation to see what Santa has brought. Need I say more?
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Reviewed by:  from FAYETTEVILLE, GA. on 12/16/2023
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