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Votive Candles
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Trinity's Votive Candles are our pride and joy. Our votive candles will give you 15-20 hours of pleasure.This triple scented votive candle is available in all 100+ fragrances that are guaranteed to burn clean and smell great.Trinity's holiday votive candles come in 2 layered votives or 3 layered votives and are a big hit during the holiday season. All of our triple scented votive candles fit all votive holders and will give you a clean burn and a very powerful candle experience. You can purchase our triple scented votive candle by the single votive, 4 Pack votive, 12 pack votive or our most popular 24 pack votive.

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Votive Candle - Single
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Votive Candle - 4 Pack
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Votive Candle - 12 Pack
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Votive Candle - 24 Pack
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