Scented Wax Cube Melts

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Scented Wax Cube Melts

new soy blend formula holds even more fragrance!

Premium Scented Wax Cubes are great for all types of wax cube or wax tart warmers or fragrance oil diffuser. Simply break of desired amount of our premium scented wax cubes and place in your favorite wax tart warmer or fragrance oil warmer. These powerful triple scented wax cubes are super scented and will fill your home or office with your favorite aroma for hours of pleasure. What makes this a great product is that you have full control of the aroma. For example if the aroma is not strong enough for the area that you are working with. Then you can add a couple drops of our Premium Scented Fragrance Oil or maybe the aroma is to strong you can add some Vanilla Wax Cubes to dilute the aroma. You have full control of the desired fragrance. Lets say you want a fresh clean smell with a touch of Lemon. You start with our Fresh Linen Wax Cubes as the base then add a couple drops of our Lemon Chiffon Fragrance Oil and you instantly have your desired aroma. Another example is if the aroma is to strong you can add some of our Creamy Vanilla Wax cubes to your warmer and this will tone down whatever you have in the warmer and when you get tired of a certain aroma you can warm the wax up and pour it back into its container for future use or put the wax warmer dish in the freezer for about 10 minutes and pop out with butter knife and put in zip lock bag for future use. What a great product for any occasion. The Wax Cubes come 6 cubes per package with a total weight of 3.25 ozs. which is just perfect for all Wax Tart warmers. When adding Wax Cubes to your warmer you want to be careful not to add to much since wax expands when heated up. So add a little at a time so not to overflow and make a mess. Keep in mind that the fragrance always goes away before the wax is gone. When this happens and it will does not matter on brand or fragrance either add another cube or refresh with our Fragrance Oil. Our Wax Cubes come in all our popular fragrances and if we don't carry your favorite blend you can probably mix it yourself with what we have to offer. 

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